Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2018 – It’s Training time!

And so it begins… the 2018 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend Training Programs/Calendars have been released!

“Why is this important?”, you ask. Well, in a moment of temporary insansity, Sandy and I signed up to do the 5th Anniversary Dopey Challenge.

If you are not familiar, “Dopey” (aptly named) means we are doing all FOUR races… the 5k on Thursday, 10k on Friday, Half Marathon on Saturday and finally the Marathon on Sunday. Yes, 48.6 miles in four days, and we are excited about it!

Our first response when seeing the entire training plan in black and white was “WOW! What were we thinking!?!?” Not that we hadn’t already looked at past years’ plans, and had a pretty good idea of what we were in for, but seeing OURS just kicked it up a notch… we really are doing this!

Sandy and I have been following an “interim” training program since it was too early to start the Disney program. These, as is the case most training programs, are designed for you to “peak” on race day, so starting early would cause you to peak before your race(s) then be in recovery mode on race day… not good. So to keep our fitness up while waiting to start the actual Disney program, we’ve been using a similar plan focusing on runs/walks on consecutive days, which is not usually the case with most training programs but is key in this case since we will be doing just that for Dopey. Part of our current training has included long runs up to 13 miles (half marathon distance), but we’ll hit that distance in week 12 of this 29 week program (not quite halfway through!) with a long run in week 25 of 26 miles! Guess who’s not gonna have to worry about eating too much over the holidays?

Marathon distance training run… no problem!

These training programs were designed by Jeff Galloway “America’s Coach”, a decorated olympian, author, and founder of the Run Walk Run method which “opened up running to millions”, including Sandy and I. Jeff’s training programs are highly respected, and have helped many of us “across the finish line”. Check out his books, training programs and learn more about Jeff at jeffgalloway.com

Of course we will be doing other races between now and then, but this is the big one. So here we go! I’ll post periodic updates on our training as we go along. And by all means, if you have done a runDisney event in the past, or are training for this one as well, PLEASE feel free to share your experience(s), training tips and your own progress in the comments. Let’s do this!

“Every Mile is Magic!”