Dopey Challenge 2018 – Weeks 5 & 6 Training Update

Now it’s gettin’ real! Weeks 5 & 6 of Dopey training are under our belts, and it’s beginning to feel a little more like training!

If you have been following our journey to Dopey, you will remember that in week 4 I wrote about having trouble getting/staying motivated… that I just didn’t feel that I was working hard enough for it to be important. Week 5 was pretty much the same, but did include a change of scenery as well as meeting (and running with) some fellow Dopey runners. This definitely made for an enjoyable training week! We missed our Thursday workout since we were packing for our trip, but since our 3 mile Saturday workout ended up being the Port Aransas Sand Crab Beach Run, we considered that “extra credit”! (Read more about our time in Port A, our friends Michelle and Rusty (and Charlie), as well as the Sand Crab Beach Run in this post)

Week 6 was a doozy! We had to deal with some of the hottest temperatures so far this summer, and got to knock out a long run of 7 miles on Sunday (for those of you following the Dopey plan closely, yes we change our days up sometimes, due to schedule conflicts, weather or other extenuating circumstances). We were in Port “A” until Tuesday of week 6 so we did manage to do our first 45 minute workout on the beach that morning… no complaints here. Thursday was a different story, it was about 147 degrees and ultra-humid all day. It was a really tough run for me, but we were joined by Ashley and Kayla (who are starting their training for the Princess 5k & 10k at WDW in February) so it was fun nonetheless.

All that said, I feel like my training is on pace (pardon the pun) and I am feeling stronger again (thanks in part to adding some core and hip/hamstring work back into our routine. Thanks Sandy!!!). Speaking of pace, mine has wavered a bit over the last few runs (from surprisingly fast, to painfully slow). I’m gonna chalk that up to the heat/humidity and the travel/eating away from home, and I know from experience that no one is going to be in the zone for every run.

On a high note, we were blessed with one fairly cool day on Monday (a high of only 85), so we’ll hope that is a sign of things to come.

On to week 7!

Stay Dopey my friends.