Dopey Challenge 2018 – Week 7 Training Update

Spotify runDisney 2018 playlist

Howdy, gang! Week 7 was pretty much status quo for training… Hotter than ever here, still trying to escape the heat with night time runs and early morning runs. Sooner or later I’m afraid a spin on the “dreadmill” may be required.

Since I like to share something at least a little different each week, I thought it might be fun to talk about running accompaniment. I am definitely one of those runners who prefer to have a distraction or at least something else to focus on while running, working out, etc. I know many say that you should train how you race and plenty of races don’t allow earbuds, but I still feel much more comfortable with my latest Spotify playlist blasting in my ears during training. As for races, there are always plenty of other things to focus on, so I don’t really notice the change. But hey, to each his own.

As for me, I like listening to familiar music. Music I can sing along to (and yes, sometimes I do). I enjoy putting together playlists, and will even go with themed music when it fits, e.g., patriotic stuff around the 4th of July, Christmas music in December (ok, maybe starting in about September, lol) and of course Disney music for Dopey Training. Some folks might find it silly, but I think it’s a fun way to remind me why I am doing what I am doing. Below is one of my Disney themed playlists on Spotify. I like to start off with some slower warm-up music, then end with “Finale.”

In addition to music, sometimes I listen to audiobooks. I’ve found that books work best on long runs when I’m aiming for a moderate, steady pace over a long distance. For me, books don’t work as well for short, faster runs where I need to focus just a little bit more on the task at hand.

Oh, and don’t forget safety first. When running on the road, or in traffic, I only use one earbud so I can listen for traffic, etc. I like music, but I like living almost as much.

So, what about you guys? Do you jam while running, or do you prefer “au naturel”? Do you have a go-to playlist? A favorite podcast? I encourage you to share in the comments below. Heck, maybe we’ll discover something new. Until next time…Stay Dopey my friends.