Dopey Meets Old Glory

Dopey Challenge 2018

Howdy folks! Glad you dropped by. Let’s do some catching up!

Weeks 15-17 of Dopey training included a couple hikes, our longest run yet, an attempt to liven up our short workouts a bit, a return to strength training AND one of the coolest running events I have done this year.

The beginning of week 15 found Sandy and me still on our return trip from the Plano and Mother Road races. We were in Arkansas at Hot Springs National Park (I know, not exactly on the way home).

Sandy at Hot Springs National Park
Yes, she made it!

A pretty cool place, with lots of opportunities for outdoor activity, in addition to the traditional Hot Springs activity of, well, getting into hot water! (of course, we did that too) Our 45-minute workouts on Tuesday and Thursday were both hikes, one shorter hike from our campground to town, and then a longer, more strenuous hike on the Gulpha Gorge, Dead Chief, Hot Springs Mountain, and Goat Rock trails. More on our fun in Hot Springs in a future trip recap.

Since this was a step back week, our long run was only 3 miles, so we did our myTEAM Triumph-Wings of Texas Virtual 5k for this workout. You can read more about this event in my full review.

Bring on week 16! The plan for this week was two 45-minute workouts (Tues/Thurs) and then a 7-mile walk on Saturday followed by a 17-mile run on Sunday. As we did in previous weeks, we took the opportunity to change things up a bit. Our forecast was calling for cool days on Tuesday and Wednesday, and NOT on Saturday and Sunday. If you know Texas weather, you’ll know that the best course of action is to make the most of whatever small bit of relief Mother Nature gives you… which is exactly what we did! We did our long walk on Tuesday in the wonderful weather (cool and low humidity), then attempted our 17-mile run on Wednesday. Notice I said attempted.

The weather was great again, so we decided to make said attempt at Zedler Mill Park in Luling. There is a nice 1-mile loop there, which allows us to set up an aid station (my truck) for our longer runs. For the most part, our run went well but my knee started giving me trouble around mile 11. I toughed out 15.5 miles but called it at that point because my knee had pretty much given out AND I was beginning to feel some minor nausea and chills. As I mentioned in my last update, I’ve pretty much traced my knee issue to lack of strength training and/or sufficient stretching and have been working hard since this run to remedy that. Nausea and chills, however, are new phenomena. I hydrated and fueled as I normally do, but I did try a new fuel (Tailwind) which took the place of a couple of my regular gels from Hammer, Clif, and GU. I’ve been dehydrated before and usually, that just causes a little headache and maybe some weakness, but never full-on nausea. So, is this my first real bonk? Have any of you experienced something similar? If so, what did you do to keep it from happening again? I guess time will tell. I see a 20-miler coming up in a couple weeks.

Since we had already gotten most of our workouts in for the week, we were able to do the 5k Fun Run at the Haunted Half in Austin with Ashley and Kayla. We had fun, even though the event itself left a little to be desired. Read more here.

Tinkerbell, Cinderella and Ariel

For week 17’s short days we decided to try out some speed/interval work. Sandy set us up a workout based on some suggestions she found online. Here’s how our plan looked:

Warm up – 5:00 minutes – Heart Rate Zone 1
Run – 25:00 minutes – Moderate Pace
Intervals (Repeat 10 times)
Run – 1:00 minute – Heart Rate Zone 4 (Threshold)
Recover – 00:30 seconds (walk or jog)
Cool down – 8:00 minutes – Heart Rate Zone 1

Our first attempt at this was cut short because the high school band was setting up marching practice on the football field, and it was just too distracting to try and run around the kids back and forth on the track. Our second attempt went much better, and it was nice to open up on some faster intervals. We both ended up with some PR’s at shorter distances (400m, etc) so that was an added bonus.

Old Glory Relay TeamRWB
OGR was a truly awesome experience!

We finished up week 17 on Friday as we participated in the Old Glory Relay. OGR is an awesome event and you can find out more about it here. Stay tuned to fatmanontherun for my take on the event, our team and my personal experience on the flag.

Which brings us to today and the start of week 18! I’ll be back next week (from Sin City) with an update on all things Dopey. Till then – Stay Dopey, my friends!