I’m back!

Key West sunset

Some of you may have noticed (hopefully?) that I’ve been kinda quiet for a while. Nope I didn’t fall into some kind of runners’ oblivion, nor did I take up permanent residence at Walt Disney World (although I seriously considered the latter). Those of you who follow me on one of the social media platforms will already know this, but there has been lots going on in camp Fatman! So much so that there just hasn’t been time to compile/compose my thoughts in a way that I felt comfortable sharing them publicly. Now that I am back at the mothership for a few months, I plan to fill you guys in on everything (almost) I haven’t had time to share over the last few months… yes, even some of the gory details.

So stay tuned to FMOTR and I promise I will have plenty of fun adventures, race recaps (yes, including Dopey) and maybe even a few “must be a runner” moments to share with you guys soon. In the meantime, make sure you follow me on facebook, twitter and “the gram“, there’s always something brewing there! Stop by and say howdy. I’d love to hear from you!