Far and Wide in the Bounder

2014 Fleetwood Bounder 36E Carlsbad Canverns

A few weeks ago I mentioned that exciting things were afoot at camp fatman. Since I’m not quite ready to let that cat totally out of the bag (patience is a virtue my friends), I thought it would be fun to share some backstory… after all, our past experiences are just stepping stones to our future, right?

You probably know that Sandy and I do most of our traveling in our 2014 Fleetwood Bounder. Some of you have even joined us on an adventure or two. We love the RV lifestyle and the freedom it gives us, especially as it relates to maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Of course, it’s not all smooth sailing (is anything?). We have had our fair share of mishaps, breakdowns and frustrating customer service experiences (not to mention a scary campground or two). But all in all it has been an amazing journey, and I’m looking forward to sharing some of our adventures with you guys.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing brief stories of our life on the road, some of the amazing places we have been, and the things we have done… AND how we manage to stay fit and active along the way (believe me, it’s not always easy!). There will be lots of laughs, plenty of awesome scenery and yes, a fair bit of cussing. I hope to be entertaining at least, and maybe informative to those of you who already are, or who may even be considering joining us on the road!

Hang on! It’s gonna be quite a ride!


2014 Fleetwood Bounder 36E
The day our Bounder came home with us. July 2014