All aboard!

2019 Tiffin Allegro RED and my not so shiny 2015 GMC Canyon

I was recently reminded that I never formally introduced you guys to our new base of operations. I managed to keep the whole process a secret (even if I did throw out a teaser or two) leading up to the day of the big reveal. Then just like that, it was ours, and well… we just hit the road.

In my defense, the whole build process (which we were there for 95% of), shakedown trips, warranty adjustments, etc., kept us both pretty busy. And there just never really seemed to be a firm it’s done kind of milestone. In fact, we are already planning a trip back to the mothership (Tiffin Motorhomes) in November/December for some updates, tweaks and warranty work.

And of course, what good would a new coach be without some time on the road? So yeah, it’s likely many of you have seen the new coach in the background of our travel photos. Some of you have even joined us on those travels, and taken a tour. For those of you who haven’t, here’s a quick introduction to our new family member, “The Crazy Train” (or Crazy Train 2 if you ask Michelle and Rusty)

She’s a 2019 Tiffin Allegro RED 37BA. Not surprisingly, the inside floor plan is very similar to our previous coach (Bath-and-a-half and fireplace were must-haves) with upgrades like solid wood cabinets, tile floors, a king-size bed, and yes, a washer and dryer. The most important upgrade, however, can be found outside… the Freightliner Custom Chassis and Cummins diesel engine, are vast improvements over our previous gas coach. The ride is like heaven, and the more fuel-efficient diesel engine gets us down the road with fewer stops and lower emissions (and we can finally fill up at the truck pumps! YAY!). Oh, and Sandy and I can have a conversation driving down the road… much quieter (even if Nutmeg doesn’t like the air brakes). The difference really is night and day.

In addition to the upgrades, the whole Tiffin experience was without compare. Ordering the coach to our specs, and being there for the build, not only allowed us to feel more connected to our coach, it also helps us become better RV owners since we know MUCH more about this coach and how it operates, than we did the previous one that we purchased from a dealer’s inventory. Sadly, recent insurance changes have forced Tiffin to limit customer’s access to the factory, and we were some of the last folks to have such an in-depth experience. My sincere hope is that Tiffin is able to find a way to once again allow customers the opportunity to have the hands-on experience that Sandy and I had. It really was a life-changing experience.

So that’s the quick version. I can’t wait to share more with you guys, as we travel, learn and enjoy the diesel life.

Happy Trails!

Our 2014 Fleetwood Bounder and 2019 Tiffin Allegro RED side-by-side at delivery.