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Without much fanfare, Sandy and I have jumped back into our next training cycle. We are doing something new this time, and because of our race schedule, we are training for two events simultaneously. Our Wine & Dine Two Course Challenge training program officially started last week (playing a little catch-up) and the “build-up” portion of our training for the Little Rock Marathon (and 5k) in March of 2020 started this week.

After a year or so of half-ass training, eating, traveling and just being off track in general, we are trying our best to settle back into the “pre-Dopey” routine that proved quite successful for us. Additionally, we are trying to get back to our “pre-Dopey” weights of 15-20 lbs less than where we are currently.

One of the reasons we were successful with our lead-up to Dopey 2018, was that we followed a structured training plan (Galloway). Our lives are anything but structured, so we highly recommend picking a plan and sticking to it.

Reason two for our previous success was that we planned and tracked most of our food intake. “Most”, because neither of us feels “all” is a realistic goal, and too many restrictions will just set you up for failure. So plan, track and eat mindfully, but as I always say, “It’s ok, eat the damn cupcake!”

Since training alone is no fun, we’d like to invite you to join us (or just follow our progress)! In Meals, Miles & Muscles, Sandy will be posting our scheduled workouts and our planned meals for the week. We’ll also be sharing training stories, meal successes (and failures), recipes, and other fun stuff along the way.