Hill Repeats and Nostalgia

Hill repeats, and a little nostalgia for a #throwbackthursday. Yes, leave it to a runner, to get nostalgic over hill repeats. LOL!

Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the workout itself…

Sandy and I had 10 x 100m hill repeats on our schedule for today, so we decided to run the short hill behind our house this morning. To mark our repeats, we used oak tree “ink balls” and stacked them on my grandpa’s old hammock.

I frequently think about my grandparents while working out, running, even eating a healthy meal. Both of them were very big on being healthy and stayed active into their late 80’s (and then some). They always tried their best to lead me into a healthier and more active lifestyle, but as with most young’ uns, I, for the most part, ignored them. In fact, it caused fairly constant tension in our relationship. In retrospect, I can see how hard it must have been for them to see me killing myself with unhealthy habits.

So yeah, I think of them often, and I hope that when they look down on me now, they smile.

See ya later Nanny and Grandpa. When we meet again, maybe I’ll be able to keep up with you guys.